"If you like thrillers...this one will not disappoint."

Dr. Norman Jacobson asked Jack a question. “What kind of a killer are you? Do you need to kill, want to kill, or just enjoy the kill?” Jack smiled and responded, “All of the above.” Dr. Jacobson felt there was something else driving Jack to kill. He would turn out to be right.

Jack was the most prolific serial killer in history. The nation was held hostage by fear as each victim met a horrible death. The crime scenes were punctuated by posed bodies and cryptic messages written in blood. However, Jack didn’t just kill at random. They were people who in Jack’s eyes deserved to die. That’s because Jack believed in the divine power between life and death.

Jameson Bradford was the founder of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. For Jameson, money wasn’t enough; he sought something money couldn’t buy. Jameson wanted divine power to control everything, including the behaviors of all mankind. 

In a small town in Wyoming, Jameson’s company studied the most extreme forms of human behavior. The goal was to develop a mind-altering drug enabling Jameson to fulfill his wish. However, to be successful, the project had to take on the biggest challenge of them understand the delusional mind of a serial killer. A killer by the name of Jack.

A notorious serial killer was placed in a small town with unsuspecting subjects. The fox was living in disguise in the hen house. What could go wrong? Money can be earned by anyone. Power can be created by many. However, Divine Power can only be reached by a few. As for Jack and Jameson, they had to deal with something beyond reality. Something called The Divinity Complex.