In 2042, James Martin had become a member of the Presidential Caucus, a band of four powerful men charged with the responsibility of governing the United States of America.  But that wasn’t good enough for James because he had bigger plans. America was just his stepping stone to the ultimate goal, which was to become the most powerful man in the world.

    James Martin studied totalitarianism his whole life.  To make his dream a reality, he crafted a detailed plan which required him to balance multiple personalities, collude with foreign governments, murder friends and enemies, and threaten almost everyone who got in his way.  

    All of this takes place in the foreground and aftermath of World War III.  After America is attacked, both coastlines experience significant death and destruction.  Almost half the country flees to a safe zone located between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains.  A new Capitol is established in Nashville, TN. This is the “The New America.”  

    While the country was secretly being taken hostage, we are introduced to A.J. Robertson.  A son of a U.S. Army veteran, A.J. was well schooled in how to be a leader and warrior.  He was also taught that the two most important things after religion were family and country.  A.J. was destined to follow in his father’s military footsteps and became a Navy SEAL.  

    In Annapolis, A.J. became one of the four “Paladins”, a group of four midshipmen who bonded for a particular cause.  Fate brought them together, but it was up to them to fulfill their destiny.  Little did they know their defining moment would lead them into a battle with an American dictator.

    The Paladins learned of James Martin’s plans from high-level contacts embedded within the Federal Government. With precious little time, A.J. recruits a team of 50 brave Navy SEALs to take part in “Operation Eagle Restoration.”

    Will it be too late to save the nation from tyranny?  The outcome can only be black and white.  It’s freedom or suppression.  It’s kill or be killed.  There is no middle ground.  A.J. and his team don’t know if they will be successful, but they do know failure is not an option.


    Peter Harlan Figur grew up in Massapequa, a small New York town located on Long Island in the southeast corner of Nassau County. After graduating from C.W. Post College, he spent the next 30+ years working in the accounting/auditing field for three multi-national companies. 

    About five years ago, Peter started writing a daily journal recapping daily events, capturing his thoughts, and documenting his opinions. He had gotten the idea for a journal from a book called "The Heroin Diaries" written by Nikki Sixx. It was an odd choice of a book and an author, to say the least. But that's how inspiration works. You can't go looking for it, because you'll never find it. Inspiration always finds you. 

    Peter's daily journal morphed into writing short stories about his travels around the world and his passion for music and sports. He even wrote a hockey blog one year covering his beloved New York Islanders and their final season in the Nassau Coliseum. But the more Peter wrote the more it drove him towards an even more significant project, to write his autobiography entitled "Life Sentence."

    The book would document a specific challenge that had haunted Peter his whole life. He wrote extensively about how searching years for a cause until he finally found the problem. It was extremely difficult situation to deal with, but Peter knew it wasn't the end of the world. It was just be something to live with the rest of his life. It wasn't a death sentence, it was a life sentence.

    After a couple of years of writing, there were two significant problems with Life Sentence." First, there was enough material for a couple of books in different genres, and second, he couldn't figure out how the story was supposed to end. There was a good reason for that. It was an autobiography. There was still some big things on the horizon. You can't finish your autobiography until you get closer to the end and Peter knew there were more chapters to write before his story was over.

    The New America and The Divinity Complex represented Peter's first two novels. Writing for Peter is not a hobby, but a calling. It was meant to be. After so many years, Peter finally found his passion. Some would say it's a shame to find your passion so late in life. But if you asked Peter, he would tell you that wasn't true. "You can't look at life that way. It's always better to find your passion late in life, then never finding it at all."



    Dr. Norman Jacobson asked Jack a question. “What kind of a killer are you? Do you need to kill, want to kill, or just enjoy the kill?” Jack smiled and responded, “All of the above.” Dr. Jacobson felt there was something else driving Jack to kill. He would turn out to be right.

    Jack was the most prolific serial killer in history. The nation was held hostage by fear as each victim met a horrible death. The crime scenes were punctuated by posed bodies and cryptic messages written in blood. However, Jack didn’t just kill at random. They were people who in Jack’s eyes deserved to die. That’s because Jack believed in the divine power between life and death.

    Jameson Bradford III was the founder of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. For Jameson, money wasn’t enough; he sought something money couldn’t buy. Jameson wanted divine power to control everything, including the behaviors of all mankind. In a small town in Wyoming, Jameson’s company studied the most extreme forms of human behavior. The goal was to develop a mind-altering drug enabling Jameson to fulfill his wish. However, to be successful, the project had to take on the biggest challenge of them understand the delusional mind of a serial killer. A killer by the name of Jack.

    A notorious serial killer was placed in a small town with unsuspecting subjects. The fox was living in disguise in the hen house. What could go wrong? Money can be earned by anyone. Power can be created by many. However, Divine Power can only be reached by a few. As for Jack and Jameson, they had to deal with something beyond reality. Something called The Divinity Complex.


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